Ofsted October 2016

Ofsted October 2016

Ofsted carried out a monitoring inspection on 5th October.  The published report can be downloaded here. 

All the staff (and students) have worked hard since the previous inspection to raise the standards of teaching and learning in the school.  We would like to thank them and also the families and students who have helped to make the changes and the support we have received from our school improvement partner David Birch, our school development manager Norman Tyson, and of course as always the Trustees of the charity.

Ofsted inspection report October 2016

Excerpts from the report:


  • The school has made considerable progress in improving the quality of the curriculum
  • Pupils are making better progress and leaders have a better understanding of the nature and extent of that progress.
  • School leaders have adopted a new curriculum for the delivery and assessment of PSHE... As a result, pupils are in a better position to learn and to make progress.
  • Improved target setting is also beginning to develop pupils’ self-motivation as they are clearer about the progress that they are making.
  • This is also helped by pupils’ close involvement in developing their own ‘vision for success’.
  • As a consequence of the actions taken by the school’s proprietor and leaders, there are no longer any unmet independent school standards.


Read the full report here

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