Pupil Premium

Use of Pupil Premium at The Inaura School 2016/2017

‘A fine example of how Pupil Premium has been used this year is in helping to fund an older student to join a gym and attend weekly sessions with a member of school staff and take part in regular exercise. This has enabled him to become fitter without feeling self-conscious in group PE lessons, and he says it has helped to improve his self-confidence.’


Pupil Premiums at The Inaura School have been used for 

specific learning resources (particularly for literacy and numeracy) 

training for staff, 

partial funding for a specialist teacher to work with staff and pupils with SpLD,

specialist assessments for dyslexia, and obtaining advice on planning and giving extra lessons. 

In addition, Pupil Premium has been spent on extra ways of developing pupils’ social and emotional skills. Social and emotional difficulties are the main barriers to learning for the children and young people at Inaura, and therefore an important area on which to focus additional spending. 

Full details are in the report below

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