Published articles

Bridge over troubled exclusion issue. Letter published in the TES on 9 October 2009. Original article the letter was responding to can be read here.

Dignity for pupils, peace for schoolsPublished in the TES on 18 January 2008

Managed moves cut exclusions to zero. Published in the TES on 16 September 2005

Expulsion pain. Published in the TES on 18 February 2005

Exclusion 'promotes bad behaviour'Published in the TES on 10 May 2002

Slough aims for zero intolerancePublished in the TES on 8 March 2002

Five days that shape our worldPublished in the TES on 17 August 2001

Snapshot of NewhamPublished in the TES on 7 April 2000

Self-esteem is not just for children: LettersPublished in the TES on 5 November 1999

Are you a keepemin or a kickemout? Published in the TES on 29 October 1999

Inclusion buck stops with you: Another VoicePublished in the TES on 22 October 1999

Let's have equality in mental health care; Letter. Published in the TES on 9 July 1999

Discard bad plans, not sad children: Another VoicePublished in the TES on 25 June 1999