Training in the Relational Approach

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The Relational Approach is a holistic response to behaviour that forms the core of Inaura's approach to working with young people. 

Inaura offers training in the Relational Approach to Teachers, Social Workers, Learning Support assistants, Youth workers, Youth Offending Teams, Connexions workers, Case-workers, and anyone who would like to:

  • Do things differently with children who have stopped listening and who often reject help
  • Work effectively with angry, frustrated or alienated children
  • Turn around children and young people who are  at risk of failure
  • Work successfully with damaged children
  • Provide emotional healing

The course is aimed at skilled professionals who would like to validate and extend their practice as well as those who are struggling to manage people and situations. 

About the Relational Approach

The Relational Approach is a tried and tested way of working which has proved successful with some of the most difficult children and young people. It is based on sound psychological principles which are easy to understand. Working in a relational way dramatically improves relationships and reduces stress in professional settings, it improves outcomes and resolves deadlocked situations as well as creating a platform for continuing professional development and better practice. 

Learn and practice

The training course will provide you with: 

  • A set of easy to learn language techniques which promote positive relationships with disaffected children and young people
  • More effective techniques for managing 'the control problem'
  • New ways to enable anxious and defensive children to co-operate voluntarily
  • A better understanding of the four different modes of communication and how to interpret them

After completing a Relational Skills training course, you will have a greater understanding of:

  • The power of good relationships and how to nurture them
  • How people express their feelings and needs and the opportunities this provides
  • How to act non-coercively and enable positive motivations in children and young people
  • Behaviour as a dialogue which over time tells a story - and how to make the story have a happy ending

The course will help you to gain a new and more effective perspective on behaviour and relationships. It will enable you to promote and sustain co-operative outcomes in and out of the classroom and strengthen your ability to hear others and respond effectively to 'hidden needs'. You will become more effective in building excellent relationships, and implementing the techniques will help to reduce stress and increase positive regard between the adults and young people where you work. 

If you are interested in booking a Relational Skills training course, please contact us on 01458 83043401458 830434 in the first instance or complete our enquiry form