Trustees of Inaura

Adam Abdelnoor PhD CPsychol MBPS

Adam - head and shoulders

At my Primary school we had assemblies every day. On Thursdays the Head read Pilgrim's Progress, and on Fridays he gave the naughty boys six of the best over his knee, in front of the whole school.  It made a huge impression on me. I noticed that it was the same boy every week, and I remember thinking 'this cannot be right'. I was eight. I think that's behind my later interest in doing something about children who fail to thrive in school

Adam is a chartered psychologist and qualified teacher with 30 years experience in education who has worked with children at risk of exclusion since 1989. He is the founding chief executive of the inclusion charity Inaura. His Churchill Fellowship in 2000 (Defining and developing zero school exclusion cultures) was followed by two British Academy Awards. A broadcaster and writer, Adam’s publications and media work include Preventing Exclusions (Heinemann, 1999) and Managed moves: a comprehensive guide (2008) and a recent series for Teacher TV, What did you do at school today?  Adam is currently working on a new book, "The Restorative Teacher".

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Matthew Gibson

Matt Gibson - Head and shoulders

As a developer, I've built up extensive experience of building web applications across a whole range of technologies, with my main interest being in the field of social innovation. My background in Psychology and postgraduate study of information systems have given me a keen eye for the human factors that can influence this process for better or worse, and I've now built up a significant portfolio of development work to prove that I can translate this into effective software projects. I have a very strong capacity for self-directed learning, which has recently allowed me to pick up the full Ruby on Rails stack after 6 weeks of preparation in order to work on the Inaura/Sidekick school project. Having now written most of the code for this system and built up a solid understanding of the process of software development within a Lean Startup environment, my entire perspective of software development has changed for the better. I'm now focusing on developing my skills as a tech lead and product manager even further, whilst we look for further funding to grow the project.

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